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BiologyCraze provides Syllabus of different biology related exams and exam schedules.


CHSE Board Odisha Chemistry Previous Year Question Paper | CHSE Chemistry Question Paper 2020 | CHSE Board Chemistry 2020 Question Paper

The CHSE Odisha Board class 12 chemistry syllabus is vast as it contains topics like p – block elements, electrochemistry, etc. CHSE chemistry previous year question plays an important role i

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CHSE English Previous Year Question 2020 - 2021

It is the CHSE English question paper of 2020 board exam.


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CHSE Biology Human Reproduction Previous 10 Year Questions

Chapter:- Human Reproduction

One Mark Questions:-

  1. Name of the Two Hormones that inhibit Ovulation. (CHSE 2010)
  2. How many

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CHSE Biology Sexual Reproduction In Flowering Plants 10 Year Questions

Chapter- Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants

One mark questions:-

  1. In a dichogamous flower, when anther matures earlier than the

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CHSE Biology Heredity And Variation (Genetics) Previous 10-year Questions

Chapter- Heredity and Variation (Genetics)

One mark questions:-

  1. Monohybrid cross yields ______ numbers of genotype. (CHSE – 2

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CHSE Biology Molecular Basis Of Inheritance Previous 10-year Questions

Chapter- Molecular Basis of Inheritance 

One mark questions:-

  1. _____ is the initiation codon. (CHSE – 2012)
  2. RN

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CPET 2020 exam date

Extension of dateline for common PG Entrance test-2020 (CPET-2020) under project student academic management system (SAMS) is given below. Commencement of Entrance e

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Download NEET Previous Year Question Paper

NEET 2020 question paper pdf

It is the NEET 2020 question paper. It contains chemistry, physics, and biology questions.

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2020 - 2021 Syllabus

CHSE Science Revised Syllabus for 2020 - 2021

For 2020 - 2021 batch syllabus is reduced. 30% of the syllabus is reduced. It is the syllabus for the CHSE Science board exam. It is only f

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