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BiologyCraze is HelpFul for CBSE Biology Students, CHSE Biology Students, NEET Aspirants and OUAT Aspirants.

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BiologyCraze provides Syllabus of different biology related exams and exam schedules.


Part – 1: Zoology 

1)    Which one is a primary sex organ?
a)    Testis
b)    Scrotum
c)    Prostate
d)    Penis

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Unit – Genetics and Evolution

Chapter – Heredity and Variation

  1. Hybridization

  2. Monohybrid cross

  3. Dihybrid cross

  4. Principle of dominance

  5. Principle of independen

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The official date sheet for CHSE board exam 2021 has been released. The Council of Higher Secondary Education (CHSE), Odisha has released the complete date sheet for +2 2nd year board exam 2021. +2 2nd year CHSE 2021 board exam will begin from 18 may 2021. CHSE class 12 2021 exam will end on 12-0

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1)    Oral contraceptive pills contain ___.
a)    Estrogen and progesterone
b)    Amnion
c)    LH
d)    Prolactin

2)    Which of the fol

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I know you have heard it a thousand times before. But it is truly hard work that pays off. If you want to be good, you have to practice, practice and practice. So if you want to score good marks in the CHSE mathematics board exam you have to mathematics. For practice solving the previous year, CH

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The CHSE Odisha Board class 12 chemistry syllabus is vast as it contains topics like p – block elements, electrochemistry, etc. CHSE chemistry previous year question plays an important role in scoring good marks. Study of CHSE chemistry previous year questions will help you to know the repe

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It is the CHSE English question paper of 2020 board exam.

CHSE 2020 English QUESTION PAPER PDF (Commerce)

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Chapter:- Human Reproduction

One Mark Questions:-

  1. Name of the Two Hormones that inhibit Ovulation. (CHSE 2010)
  2. How many Spermatids are produced from a single primary spermatocyte? (CHSE 2011).
  3. In Which stage o

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Chapter- Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants

One mark questions:-

  1. In a dichogamous flower, when anther matures earlier than the ovule, the process is called _____. (CHSE – 2012)
  2. _____ is the nutritive tissue of

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